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Metr Pro CAN + SD + GPS

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For those of you who want offline logs, not taking your phone on a ride with you, we went ahead and added integrated storage with optional GPS module. We partnered up with @SabreDynamics who designed us an awesome 3D printed case.
  • Dimensions 36mm x 27mm x 17mm
  • Connects over CAN
  • FDM 3D printed case
  • Comes with 512mb integrated storage and BN-250 GPS module
  • 2x JST GH to PH 150mm cables
  • Bluetooth low energy 4.2
  • Buzzer
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  •
The new module has all the features of the original Metr Pro one plus more, one of the biggest changes is that it now connects over CAN. Which means you can use UART port for other things!
  • Supports 125K/250K/500K/1M CAN baud
  • Automatic CAN baud detection
  • Plug and play setup
  • Up to 4WD realtime data
  • Secure BLE with PIN code
  • Over-the-Air updates
  • Optional external antenna
  • DAVEGA X integration
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